Spring Rally 2019
Wed, 20-Feb-2019

30 Aug - 1 Sept 2019

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Thu, 09-May-2019 to Wed, 29-May-2019

Pretoria Chapter H.O.G member,

This note refers to Constitunional matters, and requires your attention.


Sun, 23-Jun-2019

We are going for a braai!

Meet 08:30 for 09:00 departure at Pretoria Harley-Davidson.


Fri, 28-Jun-2019

H.O.G.® Night happening at Lagom Café from 18:30 for 19:00

Sat, 06-Jul-2019

Calling all Ladies of Harley - This day is for you!

Download the Booking Form plus the Indemnity, complete and email back to Johan Olivier

Sat, 13-Jul-2019

Welcome aboard new members! Just remember that before you can join us on any of our rides, you need to do Pack Rider Training to build confidence and learn to ride in the famous H.O.G.®️ pack formation and understand our sign language.

Sun, 21-Jul-2019
Sun, 28-Jul-2019
Sun, 24-Mar-2019

A Big shout out to Rudi Barnard and the Marshals of the day.  The Mafube Sunrise Monster was epic!

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