Voluntary Questionaire

18-Jun-2018 to 31-Jul-2018

We want to create an environment conducive to the growth of the Chapter, where the members can have fun while positively impacting on various charities and needy organizations through our fundraising initiatives.

Voluntary Questionaire

This survey only addresses some main aspects of our Chapter activities and members are invited to discuss any suggestions, to improve the spirit and growth of the Chapter, with any EXCO member or write a note in the Suggestion Book, which will be kept on the counter in the HOG-Corner.
Please answer all questions honestly and synopsis of the analysis of the survey will be communicated later during the month of June 2018.
The survey contains multiple choice questions and you may pick more than one answer.

Kinldy email your survey back to Marionette at admin@hog-pta.co.za by 31 July 2018.


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