H.O.G. Pretoria FAQs

H.O.G. Pretoria FAQs

Our Principles of Safe Riding

  • Drinking and driving never mix. This is especially true when participating in a group ride.
  • Always ride in staggered formation; it gives you an extra margin for safety.
  • Make sure your vehicle is in good operating condition. For example, a bad tire could cause an accident on a group ride.
  • Always ride with your headlight on; Cars have enough trouble "noticing" motorcycles; riders should do everything possible to help them out.
  • A group of motorcycles is not considered a single vehicle. Be courteous and allow cars to enter and exit the highway and change lanes. Generally speaking, a car will not want to ride in the middle of a group of motorcycles and will get out of the group as quickly as possible.
  • Familiarize yourself with the route and scheduled stops.
  • Arrive to participate in a group ride with a full tank of gas.
  • Take responsibility for your riding, learn more ...
  • and go enjoy yourself.

Membership Fees

 See attached renewal form for details.

How do I get my colours?

  • You will get a new members card which must be signed off by the road captain.
  • Attend Pack Rider Training. (PRT is presented once a month. See weekly HOG News for dates.)
  • Attend 3 Breakfast Runs. After each ride the road captain must sign your card.
  • Hand in your completed new members card at the HOG office.
  • Please note that you need to complete the PRT and the 3 Breakfast runs within 3 months in order to qualify.
  • Your Eagle and Pretoria rocker will then be awarded to you at the next Harley Night.

How do I know when my membership will expire?

To check your renewal date all you need to do is go onto the H.O.G. International Website www.hog.com, create a membership profile to view and edit all your details.

Where do I get a name badge?

Order your H.O.G. name badges by e-mail to admin@hog-pta.co.za @ R100-00 each. Delivery time +- 2 weeks!!

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